Backflow Prevention in Bronx, New York

With more than 40 years of experience, the plumbing contractors at Bruckner Plumbing LTD know how to handle any backflow device prevention or violation issue. We specialize in home and commercial repairs, so visit us today to discuss pricing for your job.

Pipe, Backflow Prevention in Bronx, NY

What Are Backflow Prevention Devices?
These systems prevent contaminated water from getting into the system. The city is starting to give out violations for commercial properties and apartment buildings with faulty devices, and these violations require fast attention. If you don't comply with the violation, you may receive a BIG fine.

How We Help
We professionally install backflow prevention devices to pass, working with architects and other contractors to ensure the best possible installation. You can also rest assured knowing that we correct other violations such as gas leaks or problems with a boiler room or sprinkler system.

Save yourself the hassle and stress of paying a violation fine when you contact our
backflow prevention specialists in the Bronx, New York, for your service.